Can you believe it has been three days already since its predictable implosion and we are still talking about the Super Committee?

The Super Committee had all the right ingredients to do a super job but alas the same old problems emerged.

The super egos of some individuals on the Super Committee were almost as insufferable as the egos of your average superstar.

They babbled on about issues they have no control over as well as dollar amounts beyond their own comprehension, just as a public school superintendent would.

The Super Committee’s superior intellects were no match for the super-sized spending machine in DC which is spending us into national bankruptcy at supersonic speed.

Is there such a thing as a “super-trillion” dollars?

Let me think.

If a trillion dollars is only a thousand billion dollars, and for the sake of argument, that trillion was in real dollars, wouldn’t a trillion dollars in debt more correctly be called a “super-trillion” because you can never really pay it back?

This means we must put together a “Super-Super Committee” if we are serious about avoiding our next super recession – for a couple more months.