Thanksgiving, As American As...

My wife is a flight attendant and for several years she flew almost exclusively to Brussels as part of a code share program with the former Belgian airline, Sabena.

Naturally, we have some friends from those years, know Belgium pretty well and we have become a short layover stop for some Belgian friends and friends of friends who are in the States. (I even went over and pruned a willow tree for some friends.)

The one holiday some Europeans just do not quite get is Thanksgiving. Even Halloween is becoming big in Belgium. (It’s a candy thing I think.)

Several years ago we had the daughter of a friend over for Thanksgiving. She was a student in Boston on a scholarship for winning a singing contest in Holland and she would wind down by visiting us on occasion.

So I was interested in what she would think of a table full of Thanksgiving foods such as pumpkin pie, candied yams, all kinds of stuffing, casseroles, and assorted treats.

In the middle of dinner, with a full plate of food she asked “What is this, it’s delicious?”


Green bean casserole!

The stuff of green beans, Campbell’s Mushroom Soup, and those onion things in the can with the foil lid hit the palate of a woman from Belgium, who I know knows good food from bad, and we had a convert on the spot.

Now I have eaten eel, mussels, frites, chicken with white sauce, and that beef and gravy meal Belgian workers love and its all good.

But you have to admit, green bean casserole is a delicacy as well as all American.