When 48,000 Means Almost Zero

Hold your breath, call Aunt Tilly, have Katie bar the door. The Manchester paper is going to endorse a candidate in the upcoming, and almost as irrelevant as the Manchester paper, NH Presidential Primary!!

Everyone assumes it will be a Republican, so here is my guess if it is:

Governor John Huntsman.

Huntsman is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican who, like our own Judd Gregg, was eager to work for the current socialist president.

Now THIS is going to be a really big deal so get ready.

The numbers:

New Hampshire has about 1.2 million residents.

Before the latest voter registration purge we have about 960,000 voters and about 10,000 college students from out of state who vote here after being bussed to the polls by college campus recruiters.

After the purge we have about 750,000 voters including a bunch of out of state students still on the rolls from 2008.

The State’s most “influential paper” has a daily circulation of about 48,000, probably less, as far as I can tell. It was at 55,000 when I stopped giving it any thought.

No, on second thought, I stopped caring about what was in that paper when they drove the last editorial writer out the door because he was a conservative. A team writes the editorials now and no name is attached.

I think the Manchester paper’s genius team thought conservatism was finally dead and it was time to start endorsing the likes of Mayor For Life Bob Baines and to put out a more civilized paper.

The Manchester paper moves left in anticipation of becoming the Boston Globe North and the Democrats and Independents stop buying it anyway.

In 2010 NH moves way right. Go figure.

As a measure of how bad the Manchester paper has become one simply need to look at the Concord paper which has a daily circulation of about 20,000.

How sad is that.