Gobie Spanker The Clown

A product of his own left wing success, Barney Frank is being redistricted out of his personal 32 year Massachusetts House seat. People are fleeing Massachusetts and so are House seats.

Barney will pwababwy wind up a pwofessor at a cowwege in that gweat commonwealth.

Actually, what else can he do?

He has no skills other than an endless series of cheap shots aimed at the current target of his party.

And they are unerringly predictable. You say white he says “bwak,” right is always “wong” and perversion is “twaditional.”


He isn’t very smart either, although many people confuse snotty and nasty with witty and clever.

But if that is all you know how smart is that? Barney acts on impulse alone in everything he does.

In a cowwege he will find what excites him the most: young people who are not vewy smart and who will put up with his blabbering.

Barney Frank always resorts to victim status in a debate claiming he doesn’t get a chance to speak. But always tries to dominate the debate so people will not find out how foolish he is by sticking to backhanded compliments, insults, and cheap shots.

And where are his teeth?

Go forth and try to make a living in the world you help bankrupt Barney. Won’t it be a surprise how fast we forget you.