Grover Being Grover

I stumbled across a Grover Norquist debate with some newspaper writer and blogger at the American Enterprise Institute last evening live on the web.

Here it is posted on You Tube:

Now if you ever find yourself in a debate with Grover Norquist about taxes or The Pledge you are most likely on the losing side, or you are about to learn something.

I was in the Muscone Center in San Fran a few years back and watched Grover debate several state representatives about unions.

The place was packed with union members, as usual, because they prefer to have a one-sided event, if possible. There were about 500 people there and a few of us who came to see Grover lined up along the wall.

The people hosting the event had set Grover up by placing a large pitcher loaded to the top with ice, and no water, with the idea he would pour himself a drink. When he did, ice shot all over the table and the union crowd had a laugh. Grover never missed a beat he took his arm and swept the ice back in the pitcher, hardly even looking down. He also dismantled the elitists he was debating to the point they were not even aware it was happening to them.

I have watched him run the Wednesday Meetings numerous times and he gets a lot done in a very short, energetic, snapshot of what is happening on the conservative front.

It looks like the left has once again picked out Grover as the boogie-man of the hour if the boogie-brothers of the Koch family are not being savaged.

Good luck with that.

Grover is in his element dealing with moonbats on unicorns.