Bankrupting The US Is Good For New Hampshire

New Hampshire US Senator and avowed liberal, Jeanne Shaheen, voted today against the Republican sponsored Balanced Budget Amendment, JR#23. And I know why.

Jeanne Shaheen did not go to Washington, DC to balance any budgets, quite contrary.

Jeanne Shaheen is a tried and true big spender and government can not get big enough or in enough debt for her. So she takes her orders quite gleefully from Senate President Harry Reid and the socialists who run what was once the Democrat party, always has, always will.

Why not have a vote Jeanne Shaheen could truly be proud of – let’s say a Senate Bill to print as much money as we can until hundred dollar bills will be considered pocket change.

Our current administration has given Europe something like $4 trillion dollars simply to temporarily prop up their unaffordable retirement and health care plans.


Because Jeanne Shaheen doesn’t want European Socialism to fail just as we are adopting the same style of government here. Letting Americans watch the Europe’s economies collapse could delay the imposition of a world basking in social justice, and permanent 10% unemployment for adults 25% for young people, like most socialist countries enjoy.

So Jeanne Shaheen votes to tax, borrow, spend, and lend – then borrow some more with no end in sight.

Jeanne Shaheen knows what she is doing for us even if we are not grateful.

Voting against a balanced budget amendment, just like voting for mandated health insurance, is probably the vote she is most proud of.

You’re welcome New Hampshire!