Sorry Like A Fox

MSNBC, a small short wave cable program beamed out of a mental institution in suburban Washington, DC has offered a subtle apology to the Mitt Romney campaign for suggesting that a phrase Romney used in a commercial was actually a subliminal message to the KKK members who, MSNBC knows for a fact, populate most of the Republican primary voting block.

They are apologizing for getting caught, as could be expected.

The real story is what MSNBC knows full well.

Associating the Romney campaign with the Ku Klux Klan in any fashion still gets the message out in the media market where just the repetition of the KKK association and the Romney denial of a KKK association will keep the question of whether Romney is, or ever was, a Klansman.

And for that you have to give Chris Matthews and MSNBC credit.

They are just doing their job.