The Brother-hood

Must be nice to have the papers on your side and get a cushy story like this:

The term “hit and run” is nowhere to be found in this article nor will any punishment for causing physical harm to another person and driving away.

No, our former Seabrook police officer will plead to a simple driving under the influence charge and lose his license for 90 whole days. He also skates on a “property damage” charge.

“Prosecutors said the victim of the case approved of the resolution. However, the prosecutor did read a victim impact statement, in which the victim said he is still out of work and will need to have rotator cuff surgery due to the accident.”

The “property” read a victim statement?

The driver of the other car needs surgery for a shoulder injury and will be out of work longer than Preston will be out from behind the wheel, I suspect.

Did you ever get a lecture from a traffic cop about how you could have killed someone or hurt a child? Apparently Officer Preston didn’t think of that when he drove drunk and took off after hitting another vehicle.

“Preston allegedly did not stop and instead continued north before parking his car 100 feet away from the accident. Salisbury police officers caught up with Preston, who, according to court documents, was walking toward Seabrook.”

But not to worry about the newly retired Seabrook officer’s future, he can no longer work in law enforcement in Mass or NH!

Big deal!

I foresee a new job out-of-state for our wayward drunk, hit and run Seabrook officer.

Don’t rule out a firm stand against drunk driving in the future by our hero once has a new law enforcement job in another state.

It’s like a reformed smoker, only Preston will throw the book at you if you run into someone and drive away.