As American As Apple Pie And Muslims

It seems odd that any religious sect would want to come to America and plant roots, let alone have their own TV series.

But welcome Muslims, to the good old USofA where we are tolerant of all religions. It’s right there in our Constitution, depending if you read it like a lawyer or a layman.

It saddens me to see Muslims treated so poorly regarding their new reality show, American Muslim. Sponsors are letting go of the new program just as it was getting started. And Muslims ain’t happy about it.

Isn’t that interesting?

Here in America your religion should be treated just like every other religion.

Just wait until we have some Muslim symbol in a jar of urine on display at New York’s finest “art galleries.” Then you are "one of the boys."

And won’t it be a hoot to have excrement all over paintings of your favorite guy’s picture – put there on purpose – posing as art?

I was driving around NH a few weeks ago and heard a commercial on the radio about a “new” play starring Kathleen Turner who was just giddy about playing a drunken, foul-mouthed nun. Like that has never been done before, a foul-mouthed drunk playing a foul-mouthed drunken nun.

To be a true American Muslim may mean a few slights about Mohammad now and then, but what is slander and belittlement between friends. Lighten up. it’s America where elites need someone they can all look down on!

Jesus was on Saturday Night Live last week giving a friendly elbow to Tim Tebow and we all had a good laugh.

Nothing to cut anyone’s head off about, mind you.

Just settle back and feel the warmth of our American media atheists and Hollywood producers who have little in the way of new ideas.

Making sport of Christians is wearing so thin these days – maybe it is time for some new ideas for Hollywood. And don't object to the treatment or you will look like some sort of Christian.