The New Egypt Is So Much Like The Really Old Egypt

Let’s go through this step by step:

Egypt is having an “Arab Spring” which is a loose term for Islamic Revolution. Spring sounds so much better than, takeover, riot, onslaught, or descent into mayhem.

But inside every delicate revolutionary flower a book burning resides:

And now we have one of my favorite news sources, Al Arabiya News, clamoring for some out of town help in preserving ancient Egyptian books and photos being burned in the Arab Spring.


They want them foreigners to come to the rescue of Egyptian libraries through the power of UNESCO?

Now that is a laugh.

First, Egypt pleads that relics taken by foreigners for hundreds of years were stolen and they want them back. Now we find their peaceful spring of riots prevents Egyptian police from protecting those relics?

Looks like the only safe relics may be in any country BUT Egypt.

Let’s be serious about UNESCO sending troops to protect Egyptian libraries. That ain’t going to happen.

I have a better plan.

As your own gentle spring protesters take over your country and send it back to the Dark Ages, the more stuff your own people burn, the better. It will only make the remaining stuff worth more!

Call it the law of Supply and Demand an Islamic State.

I’ll look around the house and if I find any Egyptian stuff I’ll make sure it’s locked up and safe.

Good luck with that “Arab Spring” thing my Egyptian friends.