What's Six Figures Between Friends

Sounds like the Somersworth Housing Authority may have had little “authority” over its finances.

News reports have little information at this time because no names are to be released, according to “authorities.”


What’s to say there is anything to investigate in the first place?

In the Town of Windsor elected officials and their friends don’t pay property taxes, according to a professional audit ordered by the DRA, and a judge looking at the case said it wasn’t “widespread” even though it involves about 10% of the residents in Windsor.

Having “authorities” investigate “six figures” missing from the “Authority” looks like throwing good money after bad – using Windsor as an example.

Here in New Hampshire we do not prosecute voter fraud, so that means there isn’t any, right?

Why not send a few cruisers to Somersworth, grab a few documents from the Authority, and in a corrugated effort, lose them in a box in the back room of the County Attorney’s or AG’s Office.

Problem solved, the New Hampshire Way.