Balance Or Get Bounced

Imagine the economic stability one simple thing like no national debt would bring to this country, and as a direct result, the world, because most of the rest of the world depends on our economy, heavy stuff.

But it is almost as hard to imagine what a 15 trillion dollars in US debt means either, unless you put in terms the US Department of Labor offers: $ 91,500.00 per working American. And with a real unemployment rate of 11% coupled with pathetic economic growth that number will rise to an even more staggering figure, one that will soon become insurmountable.

A simple thing like unchecked government spending got us here. We borrow .40 cents out of every dollar we spend with no end in sight.

And still we fail to pressure our candidates and elected officials for a tool that will stem this suicidal spending – a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Here in New Hampshire we have a great opportunity to put a balanced budget amendment front and center in the Presidential Primary simply by asking the candidates we see if they will support one.

New Hampshire is accountable for its own state budget as are the rest of the states.

It is time for the Federal Government to start balancing its own budget and stop spending and passing the debt on to another generation.