Biden Channels Pogo

Apparently there is an undeniable example of the correlation between too much time spent in elected office and the development of mental instability – Joe Biden.

“Everyman Joe” is having some trouble defining who the enemy is in our war against Islamic terrorists.

You and I both know who he thinks our enemy really is, but he knows for sure it isn’t the Taliban – per se.

Maybe Joe can have a beer summit with our pals the Taliban in some back yard in Waziristan to lighten the mood.

How about a Christmas gift from Hickory Farms?

I don’t believe Barry gets enough credit for making Joe Biden Vice President.

Khrushchev had American progressives all figured out back when Pogo made his famous statement. Khrushchev said: “You spit in their face and they call it dew.” The Taliban spit, Biden blinks.

Just think, Joe Biden’s single brain cell is one heartbeat away from being commander in chief.