"Santa" Dumps Some Data

Just in time for the holidays our intrepid fiscal watchdogs, Bloomberg News, released the details, previously kept secret by the Federal Reserve Board, of what huge national banks, foreign banks and corporations were given in free taxpayer money - to the tune of $16 trillion dollars of they call “total transaction amounts.”


Ho, ho, ho, but not down the chimney we go. We are going down the toilet, don’t ya know. That is why the details of the theft of $16 trillion US borrowed dollars was released on a holiday weekend.

That is how stupid the Federal reserve knows we taxpayers are.

I describe the theft of $16 trillion dollars as theft, not a transfer or loan, or any other genteel term.

When the ultimate goal of an entity is to end the way an established government operates, driving it into bankruptcy is one way to gain an edge over a country.

If there seems to be no other logical reasons to lend trillions of dollars in borrowed or printed money to institutions which will never pay it back, the actions speak for themselves.

If the action taken to destroy a country through bankruptcy is done outside the view of the intended targets through withholding of public information or document dumping during a national holiday weekend, to a press more than willing to keep the information as quiet as possible, then what happened yesterday makes perfect sense.