Can You Read The Letter D?

It looks like a Federal Judge named John D. Bates (No I did not make that name up.) has come to understand that blacks need to read to be able to vote in certain elections.

But all they need read is the letter D next to a candidate’s name, or better yet, vote straight Democrat. Yep, the reading test is back in force.

It’s true. Here is his convoluted ruling:

Try reading the logic behind this piece of work, if you can. But there is a warning. It is strictly politically correct in nature and not a legitimate legal decision.

This decision came out during the Christmas Season, on December 22, 2011.

Most questionable and illegal rulings, appointments, and political decisions sneak past the public during the food and football fueled stupor crooked politicians look forward to.

Here is what Judge Bates gave to the Democrat party in Kingston, North Carolina.

The law in Kingston regarding local elections was changed to make them non-partisan. And as a non-partisan election allows anyone on the ballot you would think that would give an advantage to a minority candidate, and it does.

But Judge John D. Bates is convinced that black voters would not be able to pick out the Democrat candidates unless there was a party affiliation attached to the candidate.

In other words – blacks need to at least be able to read or see a D behind a candidate’s name to vote. The candidate is irrelevant.

In the next Federal case Judge Bates will have to find a way to make sure enough black candidates are on the ballot after the primary, if too many white people are in the general election. And of course if a couple black Republicans are on the ballot they may have to be removed so it won’t look like they were discriminated against by the blacks who voted for a D behind the name of a white person for the same position.

But Judge Bates can figure that out.

He was appointed by George Bush.