Kickback Kicks Back

Nebraska’s US Senator “conservative Democrat” Ben Nelson has seen the trail of lies and deception catch up with him and he has announced, much to the surprise of his Democrat handlers, that he is going “to spend more time with his family.”

Good old Ben Nelson the different kind of Democrat, pro-life, pro Second Amendment, fiscal conservative, bla, bla, bla.

But the best part is he left no groomed successor and that will help Americans if they can get a conservative past the Republican Party primary in that state.

“Conservative Democrat” Ben Nelson slips past the media in the middle of the Christmas/New Year weekend blackout so as not to admit his Cornhusker Kickback deal sold Obama Health Care Socialism with his “conservative Democrat” vote.

And the weeping and wailing from trail lawyers and insurance companies all over the country will soon be heard as the “conservative Democrat” Senator from Nebraska fades into the subsidized cornfields back home.

I noticed a familiar name on the list of Ben Nelson donors – “conservative Republican” Arnold Schwartz nagger.