Democrats Have A Champion

The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

But then you would be guessing if you thought Carol SEIU-Porter had a clue about the “congress” consisting of the US Senate as well as the US House of Representatives.

And not knowing the “congress” consists of the Senate as well as the House didn’t stop SEIU-Porter from recycling some Nancy Pelosi talking points here at No, that didn’t, once again, didn’t stop her from making a fool of her self.

Heads up Carol, Democrat Senators are in for a drubbing in 2012 because of their inability to do anything but spend, borrow, and spend.

SEIU-Porter had harsh words to write about the current SEIU-Porter-less House of Representatives and Speaker Boehnor. Anyone with an ounce of political savvy saw this predictable, anti-House rant coming because there is little positive she can say about her lazy President and ultra-left wing Senate in the glorious years she has been lost to the private non-profit sector.

This is how SEIU-Porter is going to campaign to get her old House seat back, grind out nonsense in opinion pages? I guess this is what comes after your own Party failed to pony up the cash you wanted in the 2010 race. The Democrat House Re-election Committee cash didn’t find its way to SEIU–Porter. What would they gamble in a 2012 race?

Carol you have your own past legislative record to live with and one of the most unpopular Social/Marxist/Democrats in American history as a re-election running mate. You need to bring out the big guns.

Here are some talking points for your next campaign for re-election articles just in case Nancy Pelosi retires or has forgotten your name:

Republicans are going to end Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Democrats are tax cutters – just like the President.

Democrats love the military – just not their budget.

Only Democrats can save your drinking water from Speaker Boehnor.

We need to finish the job Democrats started in 2008!

Tea Party = bad, Occupy Wall Street = patriots.

What debt, Democrats saved us from a depression?

(Don’t bring up single payer, the Second Amendment or abortion.)

If you need some more nonsense for your opinion piece re-election campaign Carol, just whistle. I’m here for ya.