Have The Republicans Finally Got The Monkey Off Thier Back?

The Republican Primary has just been delivered a Christmas/New Year’s gift of epic proportions – The Donald has switched his party for the umpteenth time.

This one is for good, until the next election.

Donald Trump is not a person who belongs to much anything on which he doesn’t have his name plastered.

I have listened to his discussions of international and national issues on talk shows and he does not let slip the remotest idea of a specific thing he would do or what he knows.

He blurts out short pre-made, guaranteed Trump headlines like:

“Blacks like me, I’m good with Blacks.”

“I would take on the Chinese.”

“Let me tell you, I know about business.”

It is almost as comical as the Republicans who cater to him.

Sure, Trump is good practice for Republican candidates who need to sharpen their skills with foreign dictators, but he has little other value.

Trump just ran the “worlds greatest” scam on the Republican Primary and now some of the number voters will have to pick from a list of candiates still running as Republicans.

I hope it is over, for their sake, not mine.