The Herman Cain Opportunity

Herman Cain has some free time on his hands and I have one suggestion for him.

Call Meg Whitman and ask for enough money, she has it, to do a decent investigation into the National Restaurant Association’s “associations.” Mrs Whitman should have some sympathy for your plight:

A paragraph from the CBS article clearly shows the, “Heads I win-tails you lose” pattern Allred uses against her annual Republican targets and is copied here:

“Allred also denied that the announcement was politically motivated and said she is "prepared to give you a document in support of our allegations," though she did not say what that document is. She said she would release the document if necessary after Whitman responds to the specifics of her claims.”

The Allred technique: Guilty as accused! Now confess by simply responding to vague, baseless accusations.

This exact technique was used by Allred against Cain. Allred held up, but did not make public, her “evidence” in the form of two sheets of paper at the press conference.

The Cain campaign, much like Meg Whitman’s in California was done in by an insider of the Democrat Party in a predictable fashion. The California Nurses Association also helped bring Diaz to the public eye: But the union wants no credit and doesn’t want to talk to the press? I wonder where those union dues went?

If you do not expose this pattern of activity, Gloria Allred will be picking and choosing candidates, for the Republican Party, by media extortion, until she passes the gauntlet to another low life like herself.

Where is Nicky Diaz now?  Surprise!

If Cain can show the connections between the NRA and Mayor Emanuel’s new hire who worked at NRA and who had access to Cain's personnel files from back when he worked there it will begin to pry the lid off the way candidates are flushed from campaigns by allegations and insider information.

Otherwise Herman Cain has wasted everyone’s time with his 2011 campaign.