"A Few" Hijacked Marriage In The First Place

This notice was slipped into my email today and is similar to the radio spots this political action committee, also known as a PAC, is putting on radio stations around NH.

It sure hangs all its efforts on sounding kind of conservative, which it is not. If you can’t beat them, trick them, is the new way to keep homosexual partnerships in NH referred to as marriage it seems.

Here is the email:

“Concord, NH – New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality PAC, a newly formed committee and the first of its kind in the state, will dedicate resources specifically to supporting Republicans who stand up for the freedom and liberty of all New Hampshire citizens and against efforts to reverse or dilute marriage equality.

Sean Owen, CEO of wëdu and Printer’s Square in Manchester, will serve as PAC Chairman.  The PAC will work with other committed New Hampshire citizens to build the group and raise money to defend the many fair-minded Republican legislators who do not want to take freedoms away from their gay and lesbian neighbors, co-workers, friends and family members.

The group is raising an initial $100,000 to enable the Republican PAC to support individual candidates as well as make independent expenditures in priority races.

Owen said, “We’re here to protect New Hampshire Republicans who understand that freedom and liberty means freedom and liberty for all our citizens, not just some.  We will stand by those legislators who defend individual rights and freedom in this cycle and beyond if necessary.”

“We cannot sit by and allow the freedom to marry in New Hampshire to be hijacked by a few,” added Owen.  “The truth is there are many Republicans who strongly believe that any attempt to reverse or undermine the freedom to marry law is the wrong move.  Those determined to roll back the freedom to marry want legislators to overlook the fact that 62% of voters reject repeal, including the plurality of GOP primary voters*.”

 For more information on the New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality PAC @ http://www.nhrfe.com

 Let’s say I am a Republican subject to falling for my political opponents offering the idea that homosexual partnerships are all about freedom and equality, and this PAC wants to ensure liberty. Well this con job might work. Good luck with that, PAC.

But freedom and equality have little to do with homosexual partnerships being called marriage in New Hampshire because that is not how it came about.

Our Governor was always in favor of homosexual partnerships being called marriage and lied to voters about his phony pledge to veto such legislation. He was happy to see millions pour into New Hampshire by out-of-state homosexual activists to foster the Democrat 2006 wins in the House and Senate.

Lynch is a tax-and-spend-and-borrow, Second Amendment hating, homosexual marriage supporter and staunch liberal who lied his way to office about almost everything.

He is not and never was a leader or businessman as far as his record shows. He is a fence sitting opportunist who lives off his grinning Joker-like reflection in the media who support and never question him.

If for a nano-second homosexual partnership supporters thought NH voters will support, in any statewide vote, homosexual marriage in some 62% fashion, as they claim, they wouldn’t be trying to pose as conservatives who love freedom and liberty.

And GOP primary voters in this goofy poll are NOT Republicans. We have an open primary and call it a Republican primary.

Why not stop the attempt to trick voters with this PAC, simply DEFINE the term MARRIAGE EQUALITY, and just have a vote on “marriage equality” and end this charade.

Or have the NH State Supreme Court invent a right to “marriage equity” like they did with education funding.