Memo To Nancy: Ethics

So Fancy Nancy has a moment of Zen.

She now says she doesn’t have a secret file on Newt saved from when she was on the House Ethics Committee, where she was involved in the endless investigations of Gingrich.

Man that is like saying Hillary doesn’t still have 900 FBI files she had an Arkansas thug steal back when she was co-president and Clinton open marriage manager. (He gets the chicks – she gets the dirt and Senate seat.)

It must have come as a shock to Nancy’s handlers that she blurted out what was in store for the next victim in the Republican Primary lineup.

Exposing the file on Newt may have caused a scandal over Newt but may have triggered a backlash at congressmen revealing no-public information.

Now Newt can sit back and wait for some unpublished info from the 55 ethics investigations directed at him to quietly surface so he can lay the blame on Pelosi, unless it comes five or six days before the election as most October surprises often do.

So how about that global warming joint venture between Pelosi and Gingrich back in the old days? How is that offer of an olive branch working?

If Newt is such a smart guy maybe he will come to understand who he is dealing with, should he get the primary nod.

Sarah Palin figured it out a long, long, time ago and has been better off for it. A Palin gut reaction is worth five Harvard degrees in political science.

I think the Left’s attacks on Clarence Thomas only made him a more staunch conservative justice. Unlike David Souter, the little pixie of New Hampshire, Thomas can not be bought off by compliments from America’s enemies clustered down in DC’s elite enclaves.

Newt is smart and he can wax on about policy. But can he learn the basics of self preservation at the bottom of the snake pit.

Here is a hint Newt:

Donald Trump is NOT moderating a Republican debate because he wants YOU to get good publicity!