Mom Must Be Proud


Chris Mathews of MSNBC fame, if you call 800,000 viewers fame, started his career as a political hack in Philly. He brings it up once in while, but not very often.

It doesn’t surprise me that his brother is an elected official in the suburbs there now, but maybe not for long. He has been arrested for, of all things, perjury.

Perjury in official business, if it can be defined when using tricky words like “is,” comes in many forms.

You have the pathological perjury of the type Clintons use. The list of lies just never ends and picking out one good example is almost impossible.

There is the Scooter Libby perjury where you take notes, quotes, and depositions and try to find some instance where a statement doesn’t match with another statement and you have enough to prosecute a political opponent out of his position.

What Chris Mathews does on his show is to spin whatever the Democrat/Socialist talking points are each evening to help move America “forward” towards a socialist democracy like Europe is enjoying.

Chris Mathew’s brother is a county official and his perjury is described pretty well in the indictment:

The Grand Jury found that “Matthews lied with such ease and frequency, that he acted as though, as Chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, he is above the law.”

Wow, sounds like Hardball with hard time.