May I Have An Abatement Form Please?

Taking it to the streets can work both ways – if you know how to play the game.

ACORN and the Occupy crowd are going to squat the winter out in foreclosed homes. At least that is the plan.

If by some wild circumstance, the progressive movement crowd uses the stolen homes as gracefully as public parks, it may be of benefit to the banks who own the property and buyers who may want them in the future.

If I owned a house the city let ACORN and Occupy squatters take over I would be down at the assessing office pronto!

What exactly is a house these people lived in worth:

1. On the open market.

2. After it is full of excrement.

3. In a neighborhood full of hoods.

What, the assessor has to go to the place and do a re-val? Will he go inside and with whose army?

ACORN and Occupy may be doing the owners of foreclosed property a favor by depreciating the values of the places while the housing market is in the toilet, just when the cities need all their property taxes to pay for programs and employee benfits.

And when neighborhoods finally come back…

Yuppies will buy it all up and ethnically cleanse it, by new unaffordable property values and zoning regulations, of the minorities who used to live there.

Justice is funny like that.