Stupid Is At It Again

In a predictable move, our State Department has adopted a new policy: Make damn sure homosexuals, the gender-confused, bisexuals, cross-dressers, and other people who engage in such activities, are well taken care of by their own governments before the US dumps billions into their Third World rat holes.

If the State Department has enough reasoning to connect those dots, carrot and stick, there may still be hope we will insist some of these countries also refrain from stealing every dime they get and stabbing the United States in the back as soon as the loot has been dropped off.

Hillary seems to be doing her own make-up and hair as she proceeds on her “Insult the World Tour.” “Tired” is not a strong enough word to describe her appearance of late.

She spouts off about crooked elections in Russia, makes light of the future of Israel, and generally steps in every political cow pie she comes across.

Shoving sexual morals of American Progressives down the throats of them there foreigners will certainly heal any wounds she makes.

How soon we forget Hillary is nothing more than the crooked lawyer wife of an impeached US president from Arkansas, not an international expert on diplomacy.