Let Me See, That $1 Jar Of Spagetti Sauce Will Be - $3.79

That warm feeling of small minds armed with ambiguous regulations is about to keep a nest of vampires from making a hive in Marlborough.  Dangerous alien beings would eventually be attracted to the vampire hive and destroy the wonderful ambiance this town has created over the years.

Well, almost.

It is actually worse than vampires mixing radioactive isotopes in zip-lock bags near the town well.

The intruder is in fact…a Dollar General Store!


God help us all!

Luckily, Marlborough has the tools to stop the madness. It is the fearless members of the Marlborough Zoning Board of Adjustment.

This 9,100 square foot structure would have removed that special something everyone comes to Marlborough to enjoy.


The regulations call for any project over 10,000 square feet TOTAL to have a special exception, so if the ZBA requires a huge parking lot it could conceivably keep the building of any commercial property so small if would not be commercially viable. Welcome to Nirvana – so close to Vermont but not that far away in moonbat logic.

You would think the project would be limited to 10,000 feet of building or structure, but it looks like it is the project total.

How can a Pepsi machine jump that hurdle? Big semi-trailers feed those evil carbonated ozone layer destroying beverages.

Let’s see, room for one semi, ten customer vehicles, a bike path, some landscaping, trade away some land for a conservation easement as a bribe to the neighbor’s for their silence, and… there you don’t have it.

The way the ZBA is imposing the regulations on commercial property in Marlborough pretty much eliminates anything, parking included, over 100 feet by 100 feet total. (Unless you truck snow out.)

Don’t bitch about your property taxes, lack of jobs, and food prices if you live in Marlborough. The ZBA is taking care of you.