Breaking The Moldy Mold

Let’s face it. Saul Alinsky is the patron saint of all things progressive in American politics. The simple tools he left behind for our friends who run what was once the Democrat Party are simple, limited, and have been very effective against the standard candidates Republicans send into the arena.

But there is a new Republican creature emerging from the slime of election evolution.

The “once demonized - twice as strong” candidate is less and less affected by the Alinsky method of; isolate and destroy, hold to an impossible standard, and ridicule.

Governor Sarah Palin is the absolute proof of the beginnings of the end of the Alinsky reign. She has weathered every storm - chin up, and is a force for “change” progressives have not figured out, and so, will not be able to destroy.

Newt Gingrich is stumbling towards this new post-Alinsky paradigm in a somewhat different fashion.

Where Sarah Palin lives her modest, everyman life, Newt has survived handing his enemies the tools with which to beat him.

Sarah Palin did not have her daughter’s baby, fire a good state trooper, steal government funds, abuse her office in any way, or cheat on her husband - nor he her. Sarah Paling is also not stupid. She resigned from office as Governor of Alaska to stop the endless Alinsky assault.

Newt Gingrich has been involved with women outside his current marriage, had some financial dealings his opponents have successfully made questionable, flipped and flopped, and opened himself up to charges of arrogance. He also resigned from Congress to slow the endless Alinsky assault.

But Newt is back and it is hard to find a woman, or women to claim he had affairs with - and make it stick. One just came out the other day going back to 1977. Here it is several days later and she is not even a household name. What just worked with Herman Cain, married for 43 years, will not touch Gingrich any more than it has already.

Newt was charged by his political enemies with at least 55 congressional ethics violations while in Congress in an effort to do what voters in Georgia would not – remove him.

Of course Congress now has such a low standard of ethics, and Nancy Pelosi, that who cares what they think of each other or charge each other with.

Republicans are always placed in a corner under a dunce cap by the liberal Democrat media mouthpieces. But once again Newt is immune from this label because he can convincingly hold his own against any opponent.

I mentioned “any opponent” because the last resort of the Democrats is for the Republicans themselves to dislodge Newt from his current standing in the race, by Republicans entrenched within the system Newt is running against.

Having elected Republican officials attack you when you are running as a Republican in 2011 is not a bad thing, especially if you need to run as a DC outsider - the higher their ranking the better. Bring it on!

I was watching MSNBC morning hosts play some clips of Newt, Sununu, and some other past Alinsky victims. They were convinced the clips made the Republicans look bad and were having a self-indulgent smirk-fest to no effect. There is no way to re-Alinsky someone who refuses to play victim twice.

The progressive media still don’t get it. They must see their abysmal ratings and lack of advertisers. Most of all, they must be flummoxed by the new breed of Republican candidates and Alinsky-savvy voters.

But if the only tool you have is a hammer….