Pretty Blooming Sneaky

New York City Mayor Bloomberg has been out in front of the cameras for the last few weeks heroically confronting gun shows with city-paid sting agents again. His investigators buy guns through private sales and try to link those sales to NY City’s growing crime rate.

He is on the Drudge Report as well, dragging out the last few days of post Arizona anti-second amendment fever which plays so well in his city and the MSM.

Here is why mayor Bloomberg is out stomping on guns:

This is a Chapter in the New York City Charter.

§  236.    Submission of the preliminary budget.   Not later than the

  Sixteenth day of January, the mayor shall submit to the council and

  Publish a  preliminary  budget  for the ensuing fiscal year.  Copies of

  such budget shall be provided to the council, borough  presidents,  each

  community board and borough board, the city planning commission, and the department  of  city

planning. Beginning in calendar year 1999 and every

  calendar year thereafter, a copy of such preliminary budget  shall  also

  be  provided  to the council not later than the sixteenth day of January

  on floppy disks having dimensions of three and one-half inches or on  CD

  Roms.  Such  floppy disks or CD Roms shall be in a readable ascii format

  or readable Lotus or Excel spread  sheet  format  or  any  other  format

  mutually agreed upon between the mayor and the council.

Now I have looked and looked for some press about his preliminary budget. I have even tried to find synopsis published somewhere on the net to no avail thinking it may show how he will plug a deficit.

All I can find is some references from Bloomberg as to how the new Governor of New York should send more funds his city’s way.

So the Mayor’s sissy-fisted anguish at legal gun sales in Arizona fall a tad flat with me.

And the New York press lets him get away with it.