For The Sake Of Clarity

Read along with me:


Governor Lynch unveiled his 2012-2013 budget proposal to the Legislature which does not, like he has in the past, increase spending 17.5% . Good thing. Real leadership.

“The Lynch Plan” will supposedly cut 255 real jobs state employees actually do and eliminate another 845 vacant positions which are vacant, having no one working at them at this time because they are vacant but still budgeted for and funded with tax dollars or grant money because, thank Heaven, NH is not allowed to print money.

The vacant, empty, non-productive positions are being cut, axed, slashed, dismembered, thrown to the dogs, sacrificed, and or eliminated. This will certainly have a non-effect on the state employees not working at them.

I do not have an estimate as for how long the vacant positions have been vacant with no state employees working at them accomplishing nothing but I can remember one instance which may serve as a barometer.

Back in 2000, I picked up a Budget Report from the Dept. of Safety. We published one page from it in our CNHT newspaper. It was the page that showed 55 positions funded but un-filled. That must have been the policy at the time and I imagine it always has been SOP. Call it a cushion.

Oh the suffering of the soon to be terminated who were never able to work a single day of the funded but vacant state jobs.

On the other hand.

If taxes are an “investment” as I hear progressives repeat all the time – how did that investment work?

Did Keynes have a formula for investing in something that does nothing – as opposed to his theory of investing in something that ruins everything?

How can an “investment” in tax dollars that never get to the public through trickle-down socialism trigger an economic boom? It looks like a trickle-down rat hole, to be honest.

The Lynch Plan will cut money to Heath and Human Services. This can mean only one thing:

A cartoon in the Concord Monitor showing a wheel chair, labeled “Health and Human Services” - with a flat tire.

There was a cartoon like this in that silly NEA paper during the Thomson and Benson Administrations. It would be so “fair” to tag one on Lynch.