Foreign Policy And The CYA

You have to hand it to our foreign policy wonks.

I just read an article about how CIA Director Leon Piñata Panetta will slap Osama bin-laden in Guantanamo prison should he get captured by US Forces.

It is like President Barry Soetoro has populated his entire administration with fools and other types of Ramsey Clarks.

We are still looking for Osama?

Come on.

Most of the Middle East is about to collapse into anarchy and other forms of Islamic fundamentalism and we have not heard a peep from the supreme instigator who has dreamed of this all his life – Osama bin laden - Mr. I have a proclamation from a cave.

I have news for you.

Somewhere deep in a spider hole, buried in a cave, on top of a pile of excrement sprinkled with some extra tall bones is the ultimate Muslim warrior himself, Osama bin Dead a long time.

There is no way the former media hound would let a chance like this slip through his vast network of rubble.

With all the shouting by the various Muslim rioters and rapers about change and democracy, the oppression of the Palestinians, the lack of a right of Jews to live in peace, throwing off dictators, you would expect at least one single sole to mention Osama.

Do they know something we refuse to admit?