The Three Candidate Monte Poll

Just as in “Three Card Monte” card tricks, a “mark,” or victim, has to be sucked in and relieved of some valuable item.

In the game of “Three Candidate Monte Polls” a person reading the poll is lead to assume it is a fair game - not so. In this trick the mark loses his perspective of political reality.

The dealer in this scam is the producer of the poll. The dealer has accomplices, the shills, who cluster around the poll and wait for the mark to show up. They are the media outlets who pretend the poll has merit and place results of the rigged game in their publication.

A potential voter – the mark – sees the crowd hovering over the game and hears all the hype about who is winning or losing and, if the scam is successful, falls for the hype.

Currently, we have a daily supply of Three Candidate Monte Polls supplied to the main stream media showing who the leading Republican presidential candidate supposedly is right now.

A phony poll like the one described above has just emerged in New Hampshire. So this Three Candidate Monte Poll is one you just can’t ignore, but need to understand.

Some of New Hampshire’s favorite left leaning political expert acronyms, WMUR and UNH, teamed up for our latest game.

Mitt “RomneyCare” Romney won the WMURUNH Three Candidate Monte Poll – surprise!

And Rudy Giuliani was also a big winner – surprise!

And here we need a drum roll. Are you ready?

Governor Sarah Paling came in at the bottom of the pack!

Uh’oh, better fold up the card table and skedaddle before the mark finds out how this game was played. He just has to remember that Palin is not a winner and can never be one. This game is played double-time.

If the mark was to remember how well Romney and Giuliani did as stand alone candidates the last time around they may question the Monte game. How is it they are so popular now?

And if Governor Palin shows up in New Hampshire at any time between now and the next election you better plan on having a large capacity event to hold all the voters because she draws huge crowds for a loser no one would vote for.

Several facts ring true about both the three card and political poll Monte scams. Both have an agenda different than the one the mark sees and both operate on sleight of hand.

The sleight of hand is that instead of talking about who is running for the Republican primary here in New Hampshire, we should be talking about a viable primary candidate from the Democrat Party to replace a failed president with a competent person, who possesses some business experience, believes in free markets, and who actually likes this country.

Most polls you see now are trying to steer the dreaded national dialogue towards the most liberal or spineless Republican candidate for 2012.

Governor Palin is the one candidate the left fears the most. They spend countless hours trying to discredit her and remove her in a pre-emptive fashion from any run for office. They fear her that much. These foolish polls are part of that effort.

That is the poll I am watching.