What Is Your State Legislator Doing For New Hampshire

There is a sure fire way to get re-elected to our New Hampshire Legislature, should you be a Republican in office now and want your seat back.

If you could not show up and vote on any bills passed by your friends in Legislators Hall who are trying to bring fiscal and personal responsibility back to our state, you have a chance to make up for it in a big and meaningful way.

You can, by voting with the majority, should it come to it, who were responsible for passing legislation such as Right to Work, ending the ever-greed give-away, the upcoming non-resident voting fix, or any other sensible legislation, overcome the fact you missed a chance to help.

Every legislator who wants to change the progressive/liberal direction in which New Hampshire had been headed since Governor Lynch has been in office needs to prevent a veto of any conservative bill.

Even if you voted against a Republican bill a veto is a different issue.

Governor Lynch sat by and watched this billion dollar state deficit train wreck happen and did nothing to prevent it or stop it.

He deserves no veto power now.

For a fence sitting governor who was quite happy for two embarrassing terms doing mostly rain slicker photo-ops, who kow-tows to public employee unions and out of state progressive/liberal campaign cash to now step up and wield a veto pen is disgraceful.

He was not a serious player in his first terms and should not be considered one now while the mess is cleaned up.

Maple sap is going to be running soon. Governor Lynch can go run buckets to an oxen sled for the cameras. He is not a businessman nor a leader and can have no positive impact on state budgets. He has proven that.

If you are a State Legislator and allow a veto of the legislation New Hampshire voters in overwhelming and historic numbers have been asking for – think about keeping your legislator goodies in a cardboard box and cherish the memories.