Hip Libraries Are Expensive

Borders Book Stores are going belly up?

Who would have guessed THAT could ever happen.

They had it all going for them. Ever been to a Borders and look around at who you see shopping?

(Stand by for politics invading everyday life.)

From what I can figure, the business model of Borders was to supply 16 year old white boys with dread locks, and wealthy parents, a place to hang with their pals.

Fifty five-ish pony-tailed plump guys with wild ties and clothes that appear to be from granny’s trunk wander around reading and scanning the magazine racks.

If you are a late twenty’s, not quite pretty young lady with several florescent colors scattered in your blond hair dyed black you will certainly look at home looking focused on something but hopelessly lost.

And I can’t pass up the Yuppies who have a burning need simply to be seen “in the right stores” dragging along tots over whom they barely have control.

But the main problem with the “store” in Concord is that the shoppers seem to think it is a public library.

If you enter a Wal-Mart there are often shoppers standing in line to buy things, like books. Ever notice that? You go to buy someting and stand in a line.

At the Concord Borders the place has a broad view of heads bobbing up and down behind book racks all the way to the back of the store.

On your left, behind the magazines, the place has a bistro feel near the chairs where the in crowd stakes out turf.

Is this any way to run a book store?