Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, Yaaawn

On the campaign trail, candidate for President Barry Soetoro, encountered “Joe the Plumber” and history was made.

Barry let slip, through an unrestrained moment of elitism while putting the lower class white guy in his place, it was his job to, quote: “Spread the wealth around.”

Well Barry, here we are. This is your big chance.

All the Governor of Wisconsin is asking of public employees is to “spread the retirement and benefits” around.

Let’s be straight for once. It is the same thing.

Well not 100%, but awful close.

President Barry Soetoro is trained to believe taking from the rich then giving to the poor is the best way to spread the wealth - and buy votes.

Taxpayers, and apparently the majority of voters in Wisconsin, think spreading the retirement and benefits around is a much better way of sharing the wealth that came from them in the first place.

Call it a “trickle back” economic theory.

You have to wonder what the future holds for the unions in Madison, Wisconsin. You have billions in deficits and retirement obligations in your state budget. Finally, the voters have elected a governor, Scott Walker, to deal with it.

Like some governors in other states, Walker isn’t backing down. But why should he?

What Republican governor in their right mind would want to be a governor, elected to cut spending because of an almost insurmountable deficit, who then caves in to the public employee unions? Your options then would be to go down in history as a gutless loser. And if re-elected after selling out, the deficit would be right back in your face along with all the seventh graders the schools could bus into town.

Then you have the one fact liberals refuse to admit: There is no more money! States can not print money, yet. (When they do it will probably be in the form of a voucher or warrant like California does when they run out of cash and in time no store will take them.)

For argument’s sake let’s say you are a progressive/liberal protester or fellow traveler watching the street theater in Wisconsin, Ohio, and New Jersey and you do not like Governor Sarah Palin. I can assure you things are going to get worse when these governors hit the national stage.

Here in New Hampshire we have a huge Republican majority in the Legislature and Executive Council, thanks to the traditional childish, mean-spirited, take no prisoners campaigns the Democrat Party Chairman runs for his own personal enjoyment - because he has no other skills, social or political.

A protest movement, Madison-style, from the left here in our state would have to somehow avoid the Democrat Governor whose recessed chameleon genes have sprung to budget pruning.

What a mess if you are a Democrat in NH looking for some protest street action. The clown in charge of the party burned all the bridges, spent all the campaign money, let the air out of tires of the clown-mobile, and has no other plan.

But the worst part for Democrats in NH is the people who were elected in November are not like anything they have dealt with before. (Shhhh.. TEA Party)

What did I hear in the LOB the other day?

Elections have consequences.