No Trespassing

Well the Executive Council did the right and just thing and ended the political conviction of Ward Bird to the extent they could. He is out of jail and back with his family.

The end result:

The progressive prosecutor, Robin Gordon, lost her plum job by a vote of the people fed up with this type of political prosecution, a twelve year career down the drain.

Everyone will always remember her for her overzealous attack on the rights of gun and property owners.

The voted out of office prosecutor’s actions, now partly reversed by the Executive Council, send a clear message to other NH prosecutors who may have a twinkle in their eye for higher office at the expense of citizens in situations such as Ward Bird: Is it worth it?

Ward Bird still has a conviction to deal with but in a way so does disgraced former prosecutor Robin Gordon.

There is a better than average chance Mr. Bird can get a pardon in the future and have his record expunged but Robin Gordon will always look like a fool.