And The Headline Shouts: Former Mayor Votes To Slash City Funding

Wait a minute. That isn’t true.

If we are talking about former Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, now NH Congressman Guinta, the Manchester paper Headline should read:

Congressman Guinta Votes To Stop Federal Borrowing And Spending

Just as he promised he would, Congressman Guinta is stopping the spending and borrowing barge in DC and beginning the slow process of turning the direction away form federal bankruptcy.

I accept the fact that tax and spenders can not understand the phrase “We are broke” but the situation is upon us at long last.

Imagine NO money coming to Manchester, NH from the Federal Government.

Our DC benefactors, decades ago, promised to pay for special education and shorted that deal. Get the picture? Now NH taxpayers pick up the bulk of that mandate.

How can one seriously “feel” that Federal money is going to keep coming to Manchester if they can not cover expenses directly associated with their own interests in Washington?

If you are a liberal you do "feel" it will keep coming.

So this headline was written directly for you.