Let The Big Dogs Run

As toes dangle above the frozen presidential primary waters of New Hampshire we see the blood running out of some of the front runners. South Dakota Senator John Thune just shuddered a few words about his cold feet - “I’m out.”

I applaud him for being able to recognize he can not beat President Barry Soetoro in a race for President of the United States. He has admitted as much in interviews explaining how he recognized the President’s ability to move to the center.

Just as when a fighter is terrified of another fighter in a cage match, he is probably going to lose.

Senator Thune, thankfully, admitted he doesn’t have the guts to take on an incumbent who can lie about his positions and get away with it. Accepting that the lies of your potential political adversary are an insurmountable obstacle as opposed to an opportunity simply means you are finished before you start. At least you didn’t take a punch cause you didn’t and wouldn’t throw any.

End of story.

Now if only Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will take a hint from Senator Thune.

If you are afraid to criticize the Indiana Legislators who (upon command from?) just went AWOL from your state to avoid being in the minority – well then take a look in the mirror – or frozen water of New Hampshire, where our NH House of Representatives just passed Right to Work, as your Illinois Legislature is considering and has the votes to do.

A presidential candidate could, mind you, could, link the government shutting down state employees and Democrat Legislaors, with President Soetoro’s top down command of union actions and kick off a tingle up conservative legs. But you patted them on their heads. Huh?

Now, when the true colors of candidates are being looked at and governors in three other states are in game changing battles with public employee unions you go gently into the fray?

Instead of locking arms with Governors Walker, Kasich, and Christi you set yourself apart from one of the biggest issues of our time – unsustainable benefits and wages to public employees and their slavish support of liberal causes and candidates.

When I look at potential presidential candidate Governor Daniels his degrees from Georgetown and Princeton concern me. I look back on other politicians who always seem to have loyalties to liberal institutions of education and socialism. Look at the “administration by Harvard” mess we are in now for an example of how not to run a country, or even a zoning board for that matter.

Governor Daniels, take a look at Senator Thune’s decision - the earlier the better.