Score: Secretary of State - 1, Photo ID - 0

The Secretary of State’s Office dodged another bullet Tuesday by getting the prime sponsor of a photo ID bill to set aside his bill. I got there after the deal was done but I hung around to at least use the time to expose the Election Law Committee to the fact that there is voter fraud in NH – has been for decades – and will continue until the Attorney General’s Office prosecutes people who steal NH citizen’s votes.

There are two bills by another state rep. to be heard on Thursday. If either the AG and S.O.S. haven’t cut those off at the pass we may get some election fraud legislation passed this year in time for 2012.

Let’s face it.

That is what this is all about, stall, delay, get past another election.

Oh, and one of the reasons we have to let thousands of non-resident vote, according to the proponents of non-resident voting, is because if we disenfranchise just one single person – the Feds will swoop in and shut down our elections! (laugh track here…)

The Feds just like they did in Philadelphia when the Black Panthers patrolled a polling place with bats, are going to stop us from protecting NH voters from non-resident vote thieves if we pass a photo ID bill – pretty compelling threat.

The bat patrol is actually a red herring in Philly because the real problem in that burg is the huge disparity between the numbers of people who live in the city and the amount of people who vote. They have something like a 110% voter turnout of voting age people in the City of Brotherly Black Panthers.

The S.O.S. and prosecutors have to work with or turn a blind eye to voter fraud to make this happen.

New Hampshire seems to be no different.