And They Did All This Without A Town Manager

I have to admit I am an archeology hound and can not get enough of new finds unearthed from prehistoric man’s travels across the globe.

The lure is that almost anyone can still find traces of prehistoric cultures here in North America. Just watch some videos on You Tube arrowhead hunters post on a regular basis.

Just today there is news that a find in Alaska has uncovered a fire pit containing the teeth of a child of about three.


It is too bad the story doesn’t contain more details and some of the story was wasted on the silly naming ritual by the politically correct archeologist but the find is interesting in the site’s time frame. 13,000 years ago this site was a camp used by prehistoric people entering North America from Asia who used the camp to hunt and fish.

There is a map in this article showing where glaciers would have been in that time period.

If you look at the map, the circles showing human activity in the southern central portion of the United States would leave one to believe that the same people who ended up in those locations came through Alaska. But that is misleading.

The stone tools found in the United States show an undeniable similarity to European tools found in France.

Look at a map of North America during the last ice age (not this year’s Global Warming Ice Age) and you will see New England covered with ice. So finding human activity in that time frame would be almost impossible. The only trace of human activity could be under the ocean. In any case, any humans coming from anywhere would wind up in areas below the ice sheets.

So we are talking carbon-dated sites in America 13,000 years old. When I was a lad hunting arrowheads we always assumed Indians, cultures that developed after prehistoric man, had only been in America for about 5-6 thousand years.

Let’s talk another new find that is mind-boggling: Gobekli-Tepe in Turkey.

If you believe The Sphinx in Egypt is as scientists say, 5,000 years old then you will be amazed at the date of this stone temple – 11,500 – 12,000 years old.

Prehistoric man in Turkey, without pottery, metal, the wheel, mathematics, cloth, or cultivated plants is supposed to have built this 22 acre series of stone temples, with amazing detail and art – and then buried the whole place!