No Taxation, And Without Representation

I spent seven hours in a hearing in Concord yesterday. Mostly a waste of time – but its still winter so there wasn’t much outdoor stuff to do.

The two bills we were debating were drafted by a state legislator who is also a lawyer. Both bills were meant to clean up our lax election laws which were weakened by the Democrats, as much as they could get away with when they were in power for the first time in one hundred or so years. Can you blame them?

The surrounding colleges had whipped up students to believe they would lose the precious right to vote. But we were actually trying to take away, as much as possible, what I would call their special unconstitutional ability to stay domiciled in another state and vote here. Their handlers really never explained that to them.

If by some miracle these students are not too far gone in the meritocracy of “higher” education and have retained the ability to think for themselves, well then they might ask themselves a question.

If the professors and activists at your school have your best interests at heart why are they rounding you up to vote here illegally and dragging you to testify against changing the corrupt election system NH has?

In whose best interest is it to offer you up as election fodder where you could get caught voting in the wrong state or town?

In New Hampshire, thanks to the Secretary of State and the NH AG, we avoid prosecution of non-resident voters as much as humanly possible. But once in a while, once in a million, it does happen.

But it never happens to the college recruiters. They never get in trouble.

Who wins?

Even rep Weed’s lame excuse of “challenging” the constitutionality of a perjury clause in a same day voter application went un-prosecuted. See how it works?

And wasn’t it a surprise that it was a CNHT friendly state rep. who drafted a bill a few years agop that allowed students who vote here and become citizens to – no longer pay out of state tuition!

Now did any college recruiters tell you that?

Has one of your “friendly” State Reps. like Pierce from Hanover drafted a bill that lets citizens of our state NOT pay out of state tuition. Our Guy has.

The young student Rep. from Durham, who claims a residence in  some other town, has he ever offered to write up a bill to cut your college costs? CNHT can get you the language. Will he?

Rep. Steve Valliancourt wants to let you vote here. Ask him to draft a bill changing NH voting students at a state university to resident/domiciled students and stop paying out of state tuition. I suspect he would be glad to.

How about that fool with the ponytail and the cartoon tie? He is a Durham Rep. YOU elected that one. Have him write up a bill. Save some money. Get involved in politics.

Or do you like being used?

It’s not very smart.

I had to chuckle at the Keene City Clerk when she said it was in Keene’s best interest to have the students as part of Keene’s population because they get more REPRESENTATION.

So how is that representation working for you?