Anyone enamored with the idea that student voters are a wonderful addition to New Hampshire politics needs a primer on one of the elite, ivory tower societies they come from.

They kinda-sorta look like crooks to me.

Now I am just a plain old arborist/logger/lumberjack educated guy with some modestly sharp reading comprehension skills but I’ll be damned if I want Dartmouth College sending the great over indulged, not quite mature horde to NH polling places, instead of where they are domiciled, if this is how the Dartmouth Trustees scam the college and NH.

Check out this site for an education on how to use an election to pack a board of trustees in NH:

Back in 2002, during the violation of the Dartmouth Bylaws by the low life’s running the Dartmouth Board of Trustees, CNHT was monitoring the election in Hanover, the election where the Moderator, Mrs. Black, was encouraging non-residents to vote in the hot Shaheen – Sununu Senate race and keeping me and the three guys with me from observing the non-residents signing up at the registration table.

As a side note, in 2008 I was sent to Durham to assist poll watchers there whose rights were violated by the Durham Moderator who kept them 40 feet from registration tables. Attorney Chuck Douglass won an injunction that afternoon from Superior Court Judge Abrahamson stopping that illegal activity, admittedly, after most of the damage was done. NH is nothing if not consistent.

Here we are in 2011 and from that time the Dartmouth Trustees have used every dirty trick at their disposal to keep anyone from, asking questions about or not conforming with, their hive.

As I have written before, we “voted” in the 2004 Dartmouth BOT election (the last) with Chinese Restaurant ballots we made up – just as valid as a non-resident vote – for two gentlemen. One was Todd Zywiki the other Peter Robinson. They won but had their vote watered down by the original BOT.

And how much slack does Dartmouth want from NH?

1. The school gets extra representation in Concord through mostly non-resident student voters.

2. The local Moderator greases the registration wheels.

3. The NH Charitable Trust Division of AG’s office seems uninterested in the BOT violating the Dartmouth nonprofit bylaws for no other reason than to keep power and anyone not on the inside - out.

4. Our Legislature, in 2003, gave up six ex-officio seats on the BOT which used to include the Executive Council, Speaker of the House, and Governor, to now just the Governor. And he is about useless as we all know.

Seems like now more than ever the Dartmouth “Board of Do What We Like” needs adult supervision more than ever.

Or their Charter Revoked.

Where can I pick up a complaint form?