Fair And Unbalanced

I wonder if the repercussions of this video of uber-progressive anti-Koch brothers protesters calling for the death, dismemberment and “sending back to the fields” of Justice Clarence Thomas will get any attention from a source we all count on for news regarding justice, peace, and love.

Check it out:


The almost all Caucasian crowd (remember, this counts in progressive politics) of lefties looking for blood and de-funding of conservatives causes let its anger get the very best of it at this rally.

So back to defenders of all things left wing.

It shouldn’t take long for the Southern Poverty Law Center to add the sponsors of this hate rally to its list of hate groups, right?

Imagine the SPLC adding Jim Hightower, Code Pink, ANSWER, and all the rest of the organizers and speakers at the hate rally for hope.

I will be checking the SPLC web site for more news about the racist hate rally featuring some of the most popular leftists and communists in America.

The SPLC is always looking for NAZIS. Now they can add a few American communists to their list of haters, bigots and racists.

Justice can be so unjust sometimes.