Muslim Brotherhood, Tear Down This Country!

Barry Soetoro has had his first big foreign policy break – Egypt – in half.

In fact, this is a no lose deal for the president with so many names.

If Mubarak leaves, the country is left in turmoil and the organized, and most likely armed, extremist Muslims will try a takeover of Egypt. They could prevail. A former ally of America will be gone and our enemies appeased - a personal win for Soetoro.

If there is a nasty but relatively peaceful status quo resolution with the newly appointed vice president, who has the ear of the Egyptian military, gradually taking over from Mubarak, it would look like a political win for Barry Hussein Soetoro, who the press will anoint our Middle East Expert President.

Either way, no sensible country would ever trust the United States again, and doesn’t it look like that is Barry’s goal?