Now We'll "see..."

And the sponsors are:

Rep. Hoelzel, Rock 2; Rep. Comerford, Rock 9; Rep. Chandler, Carr 1; Rep. Jasper, Hills 27; Rep. Duarte, Rock 1; Sen. Barnes, Jr., Dist 17; Sen. Boutin, Dist 16

A big thank you to all the Legislators and the Governor as well for handing a bit of New Hampshire’s right to a fair Annual Meeting back to the voters!

The old dirty trick of “amending” a petitioned warrant article to only the words: to see… is a thing of the dark past.

I happen to have been at the table most of the time Senate Bill 2 was created back in 1994-5 by Granite State Taxpayers. Then Chairman Doug Knight pressed hard to get this legislation passed. It was never the intent of the writers of SB2 to allow the gutting of petitioned warrant articles as has become the practice after a suit involving Barrington made it “legal.”

The “to see..” trick is now dead.

From now on citizens and taxpayers can, as we have for several hundred years, get the proper amount of signatures for a petitioned warrant article and bring an issue to the voters without having it amended at the deliberative session to mean the opposite of the petitioner’s intent or stripped from the sight of the voters who use a ballot at the Annual Meeting.

Once again our new legislature is cleaning up a mess left behind by activist judges and tax and spenders.

Here is the Supreme Court case permitting the abuse of petitioned warrant articles:

For some reason we build handicap ramps and elevators for town halls so everyone can get into an annual meeting but NH courts made it impossible for a minority to have their voice heard in SB2 municipalities – on the ballot - through a citizen petition? That is what our courts thought?

On to court reform. Elections have consequenses.