Where Are All The Jobs!

Well their right there - just behind New Hampshire's Billion Dollar Deficit. I can see'em from here.

As you scan some of the Letters to the Editor in any news source since lefty Democrats lost control of anything of value involving elected office in NH, you should notice a trend.

Here is how it goes:

“I usually do not, but this time I voted for Republicans hoping they could produce all the jobs they promised. Now all they do is promote their crazy right-wing agenda. Where are the jobs!”

I have to point out how easy it was for progressive Democrats to: pass an Evergreed Law, a homosexual marriage bill, gut election laws, shoreline depreciation, destroy parental notification, and a host of other left-wing regulation and taxes.

Liberal Democrats did all this while at the same time running up an almost billion dollar deficit.

So give the Republicans some credit.

They can walk, chew gum, reduce spending, and allow private business to create jobs at the same time.