Register At The Funeral Home

Always on the cutting edge of stupid, Rep. Chuckweed of the Simpleton Society of Keene University has an original bill, HB 666, also known as The Death Panel Bill.

Rep. Chuckweed’s bill is another shot at anything ultra-left.

Not having an original thought, Chuckweed scans the horizon for anything anti-family, unconstitutional, or what the “smart set” in Holland or Seattle might be regrettably doing during any given fad.

Now it is death without appeal.

Anyone in a state of depression can up and off themselves with the snap of their fingers.

Keene State supplies the room and board for silly professors such as Chuckweed and the NH Legislature gets a free comedy hour every time he opens his pie hole.

Our Chuck is a proponent of non-resident voting AND a proponent of making up his own same day registration forms for the non-resident to vote with. How about we combine the two with his other claim to fame, death without appeal?

Same-day, non-resident, absentee because I offed myself voter registration forms must be in our Chuckweed future.


I _______________ hereby state that I will be absent from the election to be held three month from now because I will have killed myself.

My DOMICILE is ______________, Massachusetts but I feel better about my depressed self voting in Keene NH – after consultation with my election/suicide counselor/legislator: choose one or both.

I here by state, under penalty of perjury, that the above statements are true to the best of my understanding of my local nitwit State Rep. to explain it to me on my deathbed.

Signed on this date if I feel like it: _______________.