AP: Always Pushing - Democrat Propaganda

Well here we are coming up to the third Friday anniversary of my request for documents from the NH Attorney General’s Office.

In any normal circumstance they are rather quick in their 91-A responses. And I thank them.

Once, I asked for the documentation regarding the Franklin State Bridge Yard. The deal where we spent another couple hundred thousand dollars digging up pollution that wasn’t there because it was dug up already but a few State employees had a vendetta against their boss and used that excuse to get him fired.

They sent me fifteen hundred pages of redacted paperwork all on a disc in about four days. Gotta love it.

Not so with my latest request.

It must be tricky.

All I asked for was any documentation regarding a report to the NH AG, made on November 1, 2010, about eleven Democrat campaign offices having their phone service cut.

That should be pretty simple.

The report of phone service being cut at eleven locations simultaneously should be big news in New Hampshire but it slipped under the radar the day after on November 2, 2010, the day Democrats took a world class drubbing from NH voters.

You have a date the incident took place and I even told the AG in my request exactly who made the report of the crime – some character named Brunell.

Here you have a who, a what, a when, and a where.

It was circulated in an AP wire service report:


So what gives?

When you go to the NH Attorney General’s Office and “alert” them to a crime the size of a conspiracy to shut down the phones at eleven Democrat Party headquarters on Election Day, well you would think all hell would break loose.

Unless it was a lie made by some pipsqueak watching his political life circle the drain and who wanted a get-out-the-vote push on the cheap.

Nice of the AP to go along with reporting what might be the biggest fake story of the election, and not do a follow-up.

Being an investigative blogojournalist I would be a tad bit interested in this non-story if I was a real journalist like the ones at the AP. Here is why:

1. Fake news story to “bonafide” news source.

2. Last minute effort to manage news in a losing political campaign.

3. Campaign staffer from a known shady organization which used lies and deceit as a basis for every campaign makes an outrageous claim to the press.

4. Outrageous claim is easily provable and almost impossible to have happen without a coordinated effort by professionals.

5. Outrageous claim mirrors event that shook political opponents in the past – times ten.

6. Possible false report of a crime to authorities.

7. We know who made the claim of the lines being cut, so who else in the Democrat party knew of the news story or approved?

8. If the phone story is fake why is the liar still working for the Democrats? (rehetorical question.)

9. And by the way, the guy who made the claim is now a State Rep.

All the questions the AP DOESN’T want to know.