How Much Would This Be Worth As A Campaign Donation?

The AP wire service has a story about poor Rep. Brunelle and the attempt to remove him from the NH House where he was filing Democrat campaign position friendly legislation as part of his position as an elected official, a stunt that riled some Republican members.

Story here:

What is interesting is how important the AP finds this bit of nagging news from several months ago.

But the sensational story of the decade is that some unseen force, and it must have been well coordinated and professional, cut phone service to eleven Democrat campaign offices on November 1, 2010, THE DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION!

Representative Brunelle, or some other person involved, made a report to the AP which they dutifully reported and which floated around the state.

The AP article also stated that, now Representative Brunelle, reported this hideous crime to the NH Attorney General’s Office.

Story here:

But to date the AP hasn’t picked up a phone to check out the “Story of the Decade” like a real new service would. But they are still following the story about Brunelle using his elected position to further his paid position in the Democrat Party and how for that action he was simply a victim of Republicans.

How far will the AP news service go to service the Democrat Party?