Get Out Your Mirrors

So Rep. Martin Harty has resigned from his House seat to satisfy the self-righteous liberals who were “offended” by his remarks to a person calling him asking he not do what he said he would do if elected – cut government spending.

Now the liberals have a 92 year old head on their trophy wall.

Shocking statements must be punished, depending who makes them.

After all, we live, for the time being, in a world of progressives who insist abortion is Constitutional Right – even for sex selection, or perceived physical disorders.

And partial birth abortion is a fundamental right progressives find heartwarming and necessary as well. Get out your freedom scissors and celebrate Roe v. Wade!

Then we have the free needles for addicts, so they can share their diseases and die early – almost like putting them on a needle ice burg and floating them out to the sea of disease and death.

Liberals and Hollywood elites love spending billions on finding an AIDS cure not so much on stopping the behavior that is a the direct cause of AIDS – if it wasn’t from a free needle.

ObamaCare has death panels that will decide IF you fit the description of someone who should live and be a plus for society – a very NAZI thing to do. Liberals love ObamaCare.

By the way, welcome to America, to the baby Canada just tried to off.

Funny thing about 92 year old Martin Harty – he fought the NAZIS in World War II to keep us from doing things like having death panels and killing the unborn for no reason other than they have the wrong sex.

I don’t believe he has anything to apologize for – to progressives in this country.