Here A Concord, There A Concord, Everywhere A Concord

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was in New Hampshire this weekend, God bless her. She has more testosterone than most of the male presidential primary wanna-bees.

And as usual the story was spun by what passes for new media that a gaffe she made about the Revolutionary War battle in Concord Ma. was fought in Concord NH.

And so she joins a long list of Americans who, and I might add the press, know little about what specific battle took place where and when in any war.

It’s not like Congresswoman Bachmann thought the Battle of Bennington was fought in Bennington, Vermont.

We all know it was fought in New York, not Vermont. So it is called the Battle of Bennington (they even have a statute in Bennington).

Come on, fess up. You didn’t know.

But the fact that some out of state protesteristas showed up to grab some headlines from Cong. Bachmann and the media hung on every historical fact in her warm-up speech reveals another fact.

The left in this country is scared silly of a conservative woman with guts who stands her ground.

Putting fear in the cold little hearts of progressives is a tell tale sign Cong. Bachmann is doing something right.