Janet Matteucci [jmatteucci@mv.k12.nh.us]

Janet Matteucci [jmatteucci@mv.k12.nh.us] needs your help!

Janet is using an email address that appears to be paid for by a school system here in New Hampshire to lobby elected officials for an issue through Change.org a progressive/socialist web site for tax and spend liberals who can’t think for themselves.

She doesn’t seem to know that if a service or a product or an item is paid for at some public school where she might work, it is really paid for by taxpayers.

Many taxpayers don’t get the summers off, expensive health insurance, cushy retirement packages, etc. Some live on fixed incomes. Many taxpayers are under or unemployed.

So if Janet is using a school email address to campaign for more taxes and larger government she is doing harm to those people with a technique called “compelled speech.”

Compelled speech is when a violator uses public assets to spread a message supporting or opposing an issue or candidate all taxpayers may not agree with – but help her pay for.

Thomas Jefferson called it abhorrent. And it is.

New Hampshire does not have specific statute against this nasty habit of public employees, but we need one as soon as possible, with stiff penalties like in other states.